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Thermoset plastic


If you’ve been wanting to try a Jett-Sett-type product, but only
want to get a small amount-- American Science and Surplus is having
a very fun catalog-and-internet sale, and they have some “plastic
granules” that sound like the same thing, MOL. is the URL, & the item # is 31615. I
haven’t tried this stuff, so I’m making no claims for it, mind. I’m
just having fun shopping… Check out item 91865 while you’re at
it… Usual disclaimer-- just a major fan of the place


I have seen this product & it does work. It is available for about
$10.00 dollars for a half pound & since you can reuse this it should
last for a long time if used properly.


Kenneth Singh

Douglas and Sturgess has it. they call it Adapt-It. I think it is
about $18.00 a pound in little pellets (they also have sheets of
it). I use the pellets all over the place… for handles, hammer
heads, repairing broken glass frames in the field (looks lousy but
works great!!!) and all sorts of other things (let your mind

Douglas and Sturgess is in San Francisco, CA, they ship and they can
be reached at 888-278-7883 (art-stuf). Lots of other things too.
See if they have a catalog to send you.

John Dach