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Thermaplastic tech

discovered from the technical chat something about aquaplast’s
thermaplastic sheets.requested the sample and enjoyed being able
to take impact resistent plastic and place in hot water and watch
the white opaque plastic turn to plexiglass clear substance
having the feel of gelatin. it was wonderful to think of the
possibilities! i was immediately thinking about shaping; almost
like foldforming and anticlastic forming all at once. i was
initially thinking about michael goode’s stakes that were formed
from plastic and this might do it…as well i have theoretically
enjoyed thinking about sandcasting a lot without participating in
it…wouldn’t it be interesting to form, shape and work a
materials within moments and then place in a sandcasting system
and be instantaneously gratified…its almost a chased thought to
instant realization! for people doing silversmithed boxes, one
could form some interesting raised surfaces and textures and add
to the project. that’s my two senses working…idle technical
yak… mike ma