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[Theft Alert] Tourmalines Stolen from Colby College


Tourmalines Stolen from Colby College on March 7, 2000

Professor Donald Allen at Colby College (Waterville, Maine) reported
that someone broke into one of the College’s exhibit cases in the
geology building March 7, and stole many of their finest tourmaline
crystals from the Berry-Havey Quarry in Poland, Maine.

These specimens were collected during the early mining at
Berry-Havey. They are superb terminated emerald-green gemmy crystals,
typically 2-4 inches long! A large and choice watermelon tourmaline
crystal from Newry (another old-time specimen) was also taken. Other
showy minerals of much less value were left behind, so the theft
appears to have been done by somebody who knew the importance of these

Please watch for these specimens in the marketplace and forward this
to other knowledgable dealers, collectors and clubs. This
message was originally circulated on the internet on March 8th in the
hopes that it would arrive one step ahead of the thieves if they try
to sell the crystals.

Anyone with leads on this case should call or e-mail Donald Allen at
the Geology Department at Colby College. His number is (207)
872-3249. E-mail:

Woodrow Thompson, of the Maine Geological Survey advised that because
of this theft, the exhibit of these remarkable tourmalines, which had
been planned for this spring’s Maine Mineral Symposium, has been

Images of similar tourmalines are at:

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Carol Bova, @Carol_J_Bova