Thea (teddi) Fine - Jewelry Gallery

Thea fine, beading design
Ellicott City, USA

A self-taught bead weaver, I sew seed beads, cabochons and other objects together using traditional, age-old stitches (peyote, right-angle-weave, brick stitch, and other) to create one-of-a-kind worlds of wearable art.

My inspiration in virtually each piece has come from my my maternal grandmother, Rose, who was a crafter from the day I met her until the day she died. She taught me many crafts and made a gift of a bead loom to me in the 1950s….It was the genesis of what has evolved into my work today.

Thus, for example, my current freeform work derives, in part, from her German tatting with a central motif and wandering designs that surround it; other work comes from the seaside on Cape Cod where I spent summers with her as a child.

Today, my pieces come together sometimes over days, generally over weeks or months. Central motifs dictate color and patterns. It's often freeform, but exacting work that, for this traditional type-A personality is a wonderful form of relaxation and Zen-like concentration. Hope you enjoy the work as much as I do.

Materials: seed beads, bugle beads, pearls, thread, 1 swarovski bead Dimensions: necklace is 20" around, focal piece is 5" across and 3" deep

bugle beads, seed beads and a Swarovski bead form a stylized ammonite that is nestled among seaweed and many pearls inside their similarly stylized shells (created in brick stitch). A light, woven necklace in a simple netted pattern, finished with a seed-bead toggle closure completes the airy, elegant necklace.

Photo credit: Robert Diamante

Esther’s Crown-a Mezuzzah

Materials: seed beads, rizos, dagger bead, swarovski crystal beads, bead tube, thread
Dimensions: 4" high 1.5" around

This mezuzah is usually found on the door jamb of Jewish homes. It contains a scroll in Hebrew which is visible through a hole in the back of the peyote stitched tube. the scroll is housed in a recycled tube for seed beads. A traditional Hebrew letter adorns the front. A pair of loops enable the user to hang it on a door jamb at the appropriate angle for indoor use. The crown is adapted from a beaded bead by Sabine Lipert.

Photo credit: Robert Diamante

Twin Sonoran Suns

Materials: seed beads, copper clay, copper beads
Dimensions: 20" necklace, 4x2" central motif

A pair of copper disks created using CopperClay are captured in seed-bead bezels. From each of the two central motifs, a weblike structure of seed beads worked in peyote stitch create a freeform design that both connects the motifs and amplifies them. The beaded necklace contains no armature and is soft on the neck. The asymmetric closure is in the front of the necklace, with a bead toggle and an artist-made ring.

Photo credit: Robert Diamante