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Thea Clark - Jewelry Gallery

I’ve made jewelry for seventeen years and taught for nine. I like to make discoveries, exploring new materials and techniques. My influences and interests are wide and varied. When I create I sometimes follow an idea, other times a visual image leads the way.

Pollen Brooch


One-of-a-kind, hand formed, oxidized silver, citrine and needle felted wool roving sculptural pendant.

Viking Necklace

Silver, hand formed, roller printed with hand felted merino wool roving and agates. Silver, hand formed, rollerprinted with hand felted merino wool roving and agates.

Red Felt Pendant & Earings

Hand formed, roller printed, silver, 22k, pvc, pearls and felted merino wool roving.

Wedge Hoop earrings

Silver and needle felted wool roving.


Silver, 22k bi-metal, pvc plastic, pearls, hand felted merino wool.

Green Felt Pendant

Green Felt Pendant, silver and needle felted wool.

Plant life Necklace #1

Silver, 18k, needle felted wool