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The whitest 18k white gold alloy

Hello everyone,

My name is Christine Mackellar and I am a Jeweler living and working
in the New York City area. I studied at Sheffield College of Art in
Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, and emigrated in 1978. I’ve been
dropping in for a few months now and am interested and impressed by
the depth of knowledge and enthusiasm here. Nice to be able to
"leave the studio" and be instantly part of a relevant dialogue.

I have a question concerning white gold - I am looking for the
whitest possible 18 kt alloy suitable for contruction and fabrication
-must draw well.

Thanks, Christine

Hi Christine, in my opinion you’ll want to use a palladium white gold
alloy. You’ll love the way it looks. It is a bit “grayer” than
nickel white gold, but it sure works a lot better. You may consider
rhodium plating the piece when you’re done for a “whiter” effect.


Christine: let me suggest United Precious Metals #930 white alloy. I
use it for casting as well as fabrication. The alloy is white enough
although it tends to be slightly gray when compared to plat. or
silver. It is malleable enough to hammer and ductile enough to use for
drawing wire. It also casts very well. It also retains these
properties after several melts (3 or4). I also use it to french Pave
with very good results. My choice for white alloy. You might however
call the people at United at 1-800-999-fine or 716-683-8334 and
discuss your specific needs with them. They are very helpful in
finding the correct alloy for your specific needs… (usual disclaimer
goes here, no association or affiliation etc…bla. bla. bla. )
Frank Goss in sunny, hot, moist, polluted Houston tx.

Try this for a great alloy - 75% Fine gold, 15% Palladium, 5% Silver,
5% Copper. Absolutely no trace of yellow and works like a dream.

Alan Rathbone