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The wax machine

Back in 1992 I worked for someone who had “the wax machine” used for
carving waxes with precision and sizing in the wax. I loved it and
have been looking for it since. It had a knob at the top that you
could turn to adjust the size to cut the wax tube and attachments
that could carve half-round bands, etc. Has anyone ever heard of it
and can I still get one?

Thanks, Stephanie Swanson

I’m assuming of course that the place you worked is no longer a
possible lead in this search. It sounds very interesting I will be
watching this thread…godd luck

Rio Grande has what I think you are refering to. I use it everyday
to help carve waxes also! Great system!!

I picked up the wax machine as a close out at the Buffalo Bench
Jewelers Conference last year, and corresponded with several people
on Orchid locating extra parts for this machine. It is very useful.
Have you tried searching the Orchid archives for this topic? it
seems to me there were comments that it was still available

Matt (Reamer) makes another version of it but the blade is not the
same width, and doesn’t give you room for in-between sizing. I do
have the original wax machine and I always tell myself that if there
is a fire or flood that it would be the first tool I grab ! It’s
simple and easy to use. Will sell mine to the highest bidder
enough to pay off my mortgage :slight_smile:

Margie - teaching again and loving it !

I believe Progress Tools at one time carried the unit.

Andy The Tool Guy Kroungold
Director of Tools Sales/Stuller Bench
Phone 800-877-7777 ext 4194