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The Wax Machine System

Recently someone asked about a wax tool they saw in Carles Codina’s
jewelry book.

( [Source] Manual mini lathe )

It’s called The Wax Machine System. I bought one from Otto Frei years
ago when they sold their remaining tools. They didn’t have all that
was originally available. Indexing gears were out of stock.

I believe Dixon was the source. The Customer Service Dept., 750
Washington Ave., Carlstadt, NJ 07072 is, I believe, the address of

That’s what I have. If anyone discovers more info, I’d be interested.
I would love to have the indexing gears. It’s a very well made tool.
I don’t know why they stopped producing the tool. For what it does I
don’t think there’s anything better.


One of my favorite wax tools is a mechanical pencil: Staedtler is one
brand. I use them as holders for rotary files, burrs, etc., that one
usually uses in a foredom or micro motor. I use these things as
scrapers. Sometimes the hand way is the better way - more control.

Grobet USA was the manufacture (source) and the price was $149.


Kevin, check out this from Progress Tools

They are usually showing in Tucson


Came in a red foam lined Beige box with many parts made of brass and
excellent carbide cutters.

This set was last marketed by Kerr. Check with Kerr, Craig is the
sales manager’s name.

Kenneth Singh
46 Jewelry Supply

Thanks Michael, I followed that link to see the wax kit. It looks
exactly like a somewhat larger kit that I picked up at the Bench
Jeweler’s Conferrence last April. This kit was called “The Wax
Machine System”, but came without any instructions, although Phil at
Rio Grande was able to get me a photocopy of instructions. Since then
I have found this tool very useful, and Ialso would like to exand it
with an expanded gear system and the wax tube extender, if I can
locate them. (Also new wax cutting blades, as I altered mine for a
special job.)


I don’t have that particular book, but I have a suspicion I know
what the tool in question might be.

Do you have a picture of it? (Does it look like a small (toy) metal
lathe built up out of modular parts that can be reconfigured in a
variety of ways?)


Hi folks. I have a new set of 14 indexing gears for the Wax Machine
System. I just have the gears, no wax machine. I will be happy to
send them to the first person who can use them. No charge, but a
donation to Orchid would be nice. Ted