The Vegas shows

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Hi G.B. I don’t know about people coming to Vegas and not going to
the shows because they want to gamble. That’s not been my
experience. But then again, if they are there and not at the shows
how would I know? I don’t like to think about all the excuses people
will have to not be there- I like to think about all the reasons
people will show up. You get what you throw out there.

ACRE was okay this year. Last year was better. I will say that
there’s not a lot of traffic, but the people that were there are
there to buy. Not to look and gather but to buy. I find
there’s less BS about “I’m starting a website, do you drop ship and
do you have pictures I can use?” Um, do you want me to do your
marketing and web design while I’m at it? And less people trying to
pick your brain for how to run your business and “where do you have
your things cast?” I talked to 3 or 4 catalog companies that I
haven’t talked to before so that was exciting. It will only take one
order from them to make it more than worth my while.

that said, not sure what I have in plan for next year. I know it
will be in Vegas. I think maybe JCK might be a better fit for my
work. But it comes with a heftier price tag!

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