The use of Anhydrous Ammoniia

   As a fire inspector, I am curious as to why a small jewelry
manufacturer would have Anhydrous Ammonia tanks.  

Laura, I believe it’s used in metal trades, not just jewellery, to
create a controlled atmosphere in heat-treating furnaces. Of
course, you could always ask the jeweller, or is this something
you’ve noticed “through the fence”?

Kevin (NW England, UK)

You may already know this but here in farming country (Iowa) it is
put on the fields as fertilizer. Lately they have to keep a close
eye on the tanks and/or put special locks on them out in the fields
because it is being stolen by meth makers. Some bad accidents occur
in transport and in these illegal set-ups because it is so
dangerous. I would guess this would be a concern also in factories
and jewelry making shops. Annette