The Tibetian Project

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Orchid Group

The Tibetan Project is as fine a step that I have seen on any
forum or news group. Orchid can be considered as the outstanding
Arts and Crafts mutual aid group whose aim is to aid and educate
ALL Crafts-persons and Artists . I like ethnic jewelry. It is a
continuing wellspring of inspiration to me. Sharing our
and expertise with crafts-persons and artists of "
The other world " is a wonderful concept. And perhaps they will
share with us the beauty and grace which makes their unique art
forms. I have limited experience in the Jewelry and Lapidary
arts and crafts, but am fortunate in having gone through two
apprenticeships and having three skilled trades to call on. I
for one would be delighted to be permitted to help put back into
the arts and crafts what has been put into me by my past masters.
Respectfully Yours, Robert L.Powell