The shows

Day three, Baltimore retail:

Buying came to a grinding halt for the most part. The show turned
into a museum. Loads of folks strolling and looking, oohing and
ahing, but not removing their wallets from their pockets. Darn! We
could all have pretty much set ourselves on fire without anyone
paying too much attention. Breakdown was easy, except that the draper
for the show, Shepard, did not provide UPS or FedEX labels or service
for those companies. Something that is routinely provided at Rosen,
although this year saw some complaints about Rosen’s draper:
Hargrove. Hargrove’s shipping abitities in and out were problematic.
Not entirely their fault, as mishaps from outside were

generating some of those problems.Still, some were unhappy. In any
case, the dreaded Yellow Freight was the only shipper on site in
Baltimore. Remember those commercials with the gorilla and the
luggage" If my last experience with Yellow was any indication, the
gorilla would have done a better job. Plus, it is seriouly expensive.
Oh Yeah…Yellows’ trucks can’t get up my driveway.

So this morning, I piled the boxes into the compact car that I
rented, and am at present searching the Yellow Pages for UPS shipping
sites from my sister Lisa’s home in Crofton, MD where I have driven
to. I will visit here for a day or two with Lisa, her husband Fred
and their three kids. We have a great routine with the name thing as
you can imagine. Sounds like a Marx brothers, (sisters in our case)
routine sometimes, but we do have an inordinate amout of glee with

Answers to common questions asked: Yes, we are both named Lisa. Yes
our parents did like the name. Yes it is our real name. Our brother
Mark introduces us as: “This is my sister Lisa,…and this ismy
other sister Lisa”. My sis is 5’ 10", has flat, straight, blond hair,
blue eyes and is large boned. I am 5’2" very curly red hair, green
eyes, and have the frame of many small rodents. You do the math.

Lisa, (Back in Topanga on Monday night. Hope my son hasn’t burnt the
house down), Topanga, CA/Crofton, MD USA