The "" SDJ "" Wax Gun

Masters, Pros, Amateurs, and Hobbies . . . your attention please!! If you
are looking for a Wax Gun my I take this opportunity to suggest the SDJ Wax
Gun! Allow me to expound it’s features and advise as to its options to
include a little of the research that surrounds the superb tool…

Some of you may know the gentlemen involved with the development of this
gun; Stephen, of the notoriously, helpful ‘Orchid Forum’ was the concepts
and initial designer, Dave, also associated with the forum was the principle
engineer and parts authority, and certainly one of the more infamous
contributors, Jim, also of the forum… ‘Hey, I’m talking here’, . . .
have to have a little credit!!!, deserved or not!, who provided the
financing as well as proto-type control/assembly and final manufacture(Dis
guy is really OK!), Assembly Documentation by Dave and Jim.

The best feature of this wax gun is as follows;

– Gesswein and Rio Grande Cost . . . $124.95

– the SDJ Wax Gun(with a little ‘sweat equity’ . . 16.97


Prior to providing parts, cost, wiring consider the following
features available which are not currently available with other guns('SDJ’
will always out preform the rest!).

ON/OFF Switch
The currently model(below) is equipped with the ‘click on/off’ switch.
Rotation of this switch allows more heat to be the gun. An optional
switch, the ‘Push on/off’ switch can be provided with an additional feature
of a signal light when the gun is on. This feature will cost an additional
$2.00 depending on location.

Gun size and features

Several guns are available;
Large gun with interchangeable nozzles. Priced at about $12.00.
low Heat gun . . price/size the same as the gun suggested… not
recommended(. . . regulating the heat anyway).

For the bench jeweler who insist that his/her bench tools, equipment
maintain that certain DECORATOR, or who has everything, SDJ offers the
following models;

Sport Model . . The sports model comes with a Cobalt Blue base, White top
and switch, Gray electorial cord with white gun … Model is generality
available in most hardware stores.

Decorator Model . . The Decorator model comes with black base, top, White
switch, and black electorial cord with HOT Pink gun … most stores.

Macho Model . . The Macho Model comes with black base, Wood Grain top, Cream
switch, with Black electorial cord with black gun.

Materials from; Walmart(indicated by ‘&’ ), and Home Depot(indicated by ‘#’)

Part Cost

  •    A two-gang, electrical outlet box.

Metal/Plastic. # 1.74

  •    A Plastic/metal duplex outlet cover             

(to cover the two-gang outlet box WHICH
CONTAINS the dimmer switch, and duplex outlet).# .42

  •    A duplex outlet (get the grounded type).#                 .81
  •    A dimmer switch (Rated at 600 watts minimum).#           3.54 
  •    A heavy duty extension cord (get one with a ground 

wire) … The length should respect the location
where the gun will sit relative to the distance
to the electrical outlet. # 2.00

  •    A solderless electrical wire connector(screw on).

(got 15 in a box)# 1.99

  •    Electrical tape (as required). #                         2.00 
  •    Wax Gun &                                                3.97


Be very careful doing electrical work. Insure all screws are tightened, no
wires are left exposed (ground wire possible exception) and all dimmer
wiring instructions are followed. Check your work TWICE before connecting
the finished device to an outlet. A wiring error could result in destruction of
the dimmer.

  1. PLASTIC . . Cut out CENTER, 'Knockout' at the bottom of the box.  

    OR If a plug, cut the plug loose at the bottom, bend up,DO NOT REMOVE
    OR CUT LOOSE COMPLETELY if plug is to be used to hold the line wire
    in place
    Some boxes are design to use the plug to hold the line in place.

  2. Insert the LINE CORD(larger than extension cord . . about 14
    gauge)through the hole created in step 1. Press the plastic, tab cut
    loose in step 1, back against the line cord(If your box had a tab)

  3. Separate the wires in the line cord so there is aprox. 3 inches
    of each wire, in its own latex sheath, available. Insure that none of
    the conductors are exposed. The ground wire(green) may be exposed.

  4. Strip each wire a little less than 1/2 inch until the bare wire is exposed

  5. Attach 1 DIMMER SWITCH wire to one of the LINE CORD wires(not the small
    ground,usually green, wire) using the solderless wire connector(screw on).

  6. Attach the 2nd DIMMER SWITCH wire to the side screw, by the top outlet
    with the short and narrow plug slot.

  7. Attach the 2nd LINE CORD wire to the side screw by the bottom outlet
    with the short or narrow plug slot(NOT THE GREEN COLORED SCREW).

  8. Attach the SMALL Ground, USUALLY GREEN, wire to the GREEN SCREW by the

  9. Place both dimmer and outlet in the box and screw in place … DO NOT

  10. Place the Outlet Top on the outlet box and review for screw hole

  11. Adjust dimmer and outlet on outlet box until the outlet top and
    dimmer AND outlet holes match THOSE OF the outlet box holes… tighten
    dimmer and outlet screws.

  12. Install outlet box top.

  13. Install dimmer switch nob as required.


  1. Ensure the dimmer switch is set to the OFF position.(PUSH ON/OFF CAN BE
    TRICKY HERE). . . . WARE YOUR SAFETY GLASSES!!! I know you have them!!

  2. Connect the device to an ELECTRICAL outlet.

  3. Set the dimmer switch to the ON position.

  4. Vary the dimmer control through its full range, full off to full on and

  5. Set the dimmer switch to OFF.

  6. Connect a lamp containing an incandescent bulb to the device. Verify
    the bulb is good and the lamp is turned on before connecting it.

  7. Set the dimmer switch ON.

  8. Vary the dimmer control through its full range, full off to full on to full
    off while observing the lamp. The lamp should go from dim or off to full
    brilliance to dim or full off.

  9. If the lamp functions as expected, set the dimmer switch OFF, disconnect
    the lamp and return it to its proper location. Your voltage control works.

  10. If the lamp doesn’t function as expected correct the problem.

         (Now, on to the plating pen!

At 02:31 PM 10/31/96 -0500, you wrote:

Masters, Pros, Amateurs, and Hobbies . . . your attention please!! If you
are looking for a Wax Gun my I take this opportunity to suggest the SDJ Wax
Gun! Allow me to expound it’s features and advise as to its options to
include a little of the research that surrounds the superb tool…

(Lots of really great stuff snipped)

                (Now, on to the plating pen!                 


ROFL!!! Wonderful presentation of a really neat idea; off I go to Home
Depot et al… Not being electrically inventive, I’ve been holding off
getting a wax gun in favor of sinking my hard-earned bucks into some more
needed equipment but with your instructions, I’m confident I can DO this.
Many thanks for a well thought out plan, not to mention a much needed lift
(having one of those “moon phase” soldering days :frowning: ).


C Gems
Original Designs and Period Jewelry

Been there done those Moon Phase days as well… as a matter of fact… My
soldering days are usually Moon Phased… However, had good advise here and
intend to change all of that


At 03:11 PM 10/31/96 -0500, you wrote:


Thats THANKS to ; Dave, and Stephan as well… and really more to D,S…
althought I notice that the Oscars suggest that the Producer . . the
money!!!, usually gets more credit that due!!! … and here, of course, we
are talking big, big, bucks…

Any questions… lets hear them I’d be happy to provide an answer as I’m
sure Dave and Stephan would as well… It works Fine…

NOW . . . thinking of how to mount PASTRY HEADS on the from of the cheap
gun(Can’t remove the head) or other goodies that can be made or used with


At 03:11 PM 10/31/96 -0500, you wrote: