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The santa fe symposium

hi there!!

i just recieved some info. about the santa fe symposium on jewelry
manufacturing technology. i was wondering, is it worth to go??

if anyone has some experience on this, i would appreciate your

In my estimation, and what I hear is that the Sante Fe Symposium is
eqivalent to attending Harvard or University of Toronto. You cannot
see anything better in the jewellery trade for seminars. I have been
asked to give a seminar in 2002. Its gonna be on a diamond setting
technique. Its a world-wide meeting place! If the ‘owner’ asks you to
attend! you go! need I say more?..don’t miss it!

gerry, the cyber-setter/teacher!

I have attended two of the Santa Fe Symposiums and would recommend it
if you are interested in manufacturing, metallurgy and casting. There
is a lot of good but it is not the tips and tricks type
of stuff it is more towards the scientific approach to understand
and control your processes.


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