The Rosary Bead

I was recently reminded of THE rosary bead. Perhaps there are others
in this class, but it is THE one I know about. Not that many people
know about the Cloisters in New York, and I’m betting not that many
people on Orchid know about this rosary bead. It is worth seeing, and
if you are ever in New York City it is worth a visit to see it in

Neil A.

Thanks for showing us this incredible tiny object Neil. If someone
was asked to make that rosary bead they would likely say it was
impossible. It’s fascinating that it was made 500 years ago. I can’t
help but think of the artist, probably a monk, who dedicated the
months of painstaking work to create that complex and beautiful bead.
What what was their life like? What did their workshop look like?
What tools did they use? It’s inspirational to see such a thing and
think about its meaning and making. Mark

What an amazing bead, the carving is incredible, thanks for sharing.


Thank you for showing us the incredible rosary Bead. I visited the
Cloisters often when I was a child. My father was an artist,
specializing in restoration and worked for a time at the
Metropolitan Museum. Often he would take me to the Cloisters, which
is part of the Metropolitan, and I spent many hours admiring the
wonderful medieval works of art----all accomplished without CAD,
laser welders, fancy torches, hydraulic presses, or any of the tools
which fill our workshops today. Such beauty and precision
workmanship created with whatever toolsthey had at hand. Alma

Hi Mark et al

amazing bead, devotional work can be just amazing and humbling. Look
at the finials in the Book of Kells. How did they do that?