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The purpose of artist statements?

Jessee, I recently made dispaly cards for my sterling
pendants/charms which have stories or lore printed at the bottom. I
display these in my retail display, and the customer gets the card
with the piece. They love it! I am thinking of designing more and
more to include meanings that folks will want. It adds a lot to a
gift, in particular, if the recipient knows what it meant to the one
who picked it out.

I make the cards myself, on my Macintosh computer’s Draw program. I
have folders of files that I can print up as needed, which I print on
meduim-weight card stock and then cut apart with a good paper
cutter. This is all extra labor, of course, but it does generate more
sales, and it beats standing at a show and writing out the meaning of
a piece on the back of a business card! Plus it goes with the jewelry
into my consignment and wholesale locations. I have two different
card sizes, made to fit well into cardboard boxes available from
jewelry display companies. I had to redesign the way I carry back
stock to shows, going from plastic divider boxes to a small file card
system, in order to accomodate the jewelry stock affixed to cards.

Sorry if this seems off-topic to the original title, but that is
where the discussion went. HTH.

M’lou Brubaker, Jeweler
Goodland, MN