The pros of consignment

Amy, I hope no other artists out there accept your inflexible “rule”
about not consigning work as gospel–they may only suffer financially!
I have extraordinary demand for work, but rather than sell outright
directly to numerous outlets, choose to work on a consignment basis
with selected ones. This has nothing to do with “confidence,” the
quality of the work or sellability, but with keen business sense. To

  1. Having a consignment arrangement with certain outlets gives me
    a higher profit (60%). 2. There is never a “risk” to the store/gallery
    when taking new, experimental work. I can put in anything I want-- not
    every store owner is a “good” buyer. No item is “too high” or “too
    strange.” 3. I can get greater amounts of work into stores because
    they are just giving me “real estate”, i.e space. The greater amount of
    work displayed often results in greater sales. 4. Being able to
    “babysit the work” is exactly what is often necessary, as not every
    store/gallery owner really knows how to market an artist’s work. I
    can set the display, arrange the materials and…totally set the
    price so I don’t have to deal with a potentially greedy owner who will
    buy and then jack the price up to who knows what.

I write from long experience, and with a very, very healthy bank
account…Marty R.

Reynard Designs
Contemporary Jewellery & Wearable Art
Victoria, B.C.

Marty, Great comments, I agree. All we ever hear of is the negative
aspects. Consignment can equate to maintaining control of your own
marketing and particularly branding. I have a major retailer in two of
our major cities (Sydney, Melbourne) and two in my home city
(Brisbane), consignment gives me control over those outlets and I have
built a relationship with them to mutual benefit. Selling work only,
can eventually restrict you to producing just the mainstream visual
style. Most importantly - I use my ‘presence’ in the market to procure
the right kind of one-off commission work. Barbara Jeweller to the Lost