The pickle was contaminated and plated me gold

I repaired a 10k gold hollow rope chain and upon removal from the
pickle, it was a s gray color. Apparently the pickle was
contaminated and plated me gold!! What is the least painful way to
remove the unwanted plating so I can restore it? I dont want to
replate it as that would not be a proper repair.

Daniel Hamilton
St Louis Mo

Hi Daniel, On occasion my pickle solution will get contaminated and
turn everything a nasty reddish color. ( I suspect soft solder…lead
maybe…on something like a charm that I did not see)

Anyhow, I don’t know the chemistry or why it works but if I soak the
pieces in Connoisseurs Silver Cleaner 3-5min. it removes it very
well…This has saved me with rope necklaces and the tinsel necklaces
that are very difficult to polish inside.

Jewelry stores usually sell this stuff in small jars.
(inexpensive)…You don’t need a lot. To buy it from a supplier you
might need to buy a case.

I hope this helps,