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The perfect torch

Dear Suzette,

I have been fabricating settings for many years and use, at times, 3
different torches to complete a project. I do not recommend this
practice, as it is something that I have fallen into, and can’t
escape. The one which I would recommend for your purposes is The
Little Torch., or microtorch as it is sometimes called. This simple
device works with a variety of fuels, and oxygen. It is easy to
manipulate, resists the many perils of the workplace, and produces
enough heat to perform almost all tasks. It is economical to
purchase, and miserly on fuel and compressed oxygen. As your
requirements change, you may want to purchase additional torches to
cast with or to construct larger pieces, which need more heat. In the
meantime, The Little Torch, burning natural gas(preferred), propane,
or acetylene (hot, but some people don’t like the soot produced while
fumbling for the correct mix) receives my vote. I hope that you find
this to be useful. Good luck to you!

David Keeling
Edmonton, Canada