The Orchid Chat room is 8409283

I have created an ICQ chat room. Its name is Orchid. I thought
that ICQ would be a much more conducive to discussion then IRC.
My computer is on the net 24/7 so I can easily run the chat room
whenever it is needed. I do work on the computer and I cannot
seem to run two copies of ICQ so we may need to restrict the
hours somewhat.

The Orchid Chat room is 8409283

Anyway, please use the room and enjoy it.
Geoffrey Webb
Advancement Services
Washington State University
Pullman WA, 99164
(509) 335-1867

The Orchid Chat room is 8409283

Geoff, I would really like to take a whack at the chat room, but I
don’t know how to access it. Can you give me (us) some help?

Mike Donahue
Gambrills, MD

I would have no idea how to go about finding 8409283 I wouldn’t
even know where to start.

Marilyn Smith, Midwest USA

Okay here is the scoop. The chat room is on ICQ. To access the
chat room you must have the ICQ software installed on your
computer, and you must ICQ chat the Orchid chat room. The user
number for the room is 8409283. Just search for that number in the
ICQ database and add it to your contact list. That way you will
know when the chat room is online.

Geoffrey Webb
Advancement Services
Washington State University
Pullman WA, 99164
(509) 335-1867

Is 8409283 a telephone number?

Brian, somewhere in the South Pacific.
B r i a n � A d a m J e w e l l e r y E y e w e a r �
@Brian_Adam1 ph/fx +64 9 817 6816 NEW ZEALAND

 would have no idea how to go about finding 8409283 I wouldn't  
  even know where to start. 

Me either. could someone send us all a link that we could just
add to Favorite Places? Anne

Hi: No, it’s an ID number for the particular chat room. Once you
install, are registered with ICQ you will also be assigned a
particular ID number by which any other member of Icq can find you
exchange email, or on-line chat with you. Find out more on Regards,

Joe Bokor

The easiest way to fina and add the Orchid chat room is to start
icq (if it isn’t already running), click the add/find users
button, click the main search button, and search by ICQ#.


I was on ICQ (7955094) - but my system went belly-up (tried to
install Win95B over my standard w95 - did everything friends
advised, but the system had its own reply - down it went). My
question is, now that I need to re-install ICQ again, must I
re-register and acquire a new ID number?


Joe Bokor

Hi Anne & who ever is having difficulty

First you need the ICQ program, I can send you the program via
email (useing ICQ ). But I will not send software without your
authorization. I will leave an email address for orchid members to
send email authorization. 3D

After you have installed the software. You will see a little yellow
square next to your clock on the Task Bar (windows95) Click it,
connect to the internet. Go to the bottom button on the ICQ window
(you will see it change colour when your mouse pointer moves over
it) marked ICQ. On the pop up menu choose “Add/Change current
user”. then in the next pop

up menu choose "Add another registered user. When you reach the
window that asks ICQ# put in the chat room number 8409283. The
password is the name of the Orchid sponsor (do not wish to type it
out loud but it begins with the letter “g” and ends in the letter
“n”. I hope

that is enough for you to find it. After you have done this, accept
authorisation etc. you should find that if there is a member online
you can access them straight away.

I hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or Geoff
Webb if y ou have any problems.

Regards Brian S

Hello, Can a Mac user join in this??? Teresa

Hi Teresa:

Please check on whether they have a MAC version
of the ICQ software - if they do then that will enable you to
access the Chatroom.


Joe Bokor