The New Diamond Age

My son (a computer programmer) just sent me to this Very Interesting
article on the web. Go to and search for “The New
Diamond Age” by Joshua Davis (Issue 11.09 - September 2003).

It is a current article about two American businesses growing up to
3 carat rough, one virtually identical to natural diamond (you have
to use a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer that registers the
diffusion of light through crystal to detect it – it reveals itself
on only one of the six simultaneously generated graphs); the other
is sooo close to natural diamond that a guy at Antwerp’s Diamond
High Council, after studying it overnight, says – “I think I can
identify it,” he says hopefully. “It’s too perfect to be natural.
Things in nature, they have flaws. The growth structure of this
diamond is flawless.”

It is an excellent article. I highly reccomend it to jewelers and
gem dealers. You need to know.


Terri, I think that article is awesome! I look forward to "cultured"
diamonds. I think the analogy of the orchids and cultured pearls are
great. Thanks for the heads up.