The new Bonny Doon saw

I spoke with Lee Marshall recently about a number of things, but
particularly the new saw. It seems that the first small batch will
be ready in about 30 days. Quite a few are already spoken for… I
think that the price is $1,495.

As soon as I have the saw set up here, anyone in my area is welcome
to come by and “test drive it.” Please bring your own blades and
materials to cut. Call first, my current routine is 3 weeks in my
studio and one week teaching.

Anyone with carpal tunnel problems, tendonitis, and some forms of
arthritis, should probably consider trying this. The rest of you -
the puppies as well as the old dogs - might consider using one to
prevent these problems! I have all of them. The new saw seemed very
easy on them… This tool really does work, extremely well! It uses
the full length of the blade, is variable speed, and has a roller
style foot that puts pressure on the metal while supporting the
blade. If any of you have used an industrial sewing machine with
that style foot - it is similar, but placed on both sides of the
blade - supporting it from the back - and completely out of your
field of view. (I was a saddlemaker in a previous incarnation

More and an illustration is available at the Bonny Doon
website on the Discussions page - it will be in the forum under the
title “for those of you who couldn’t make Tucson.”

As I may have said before, we’re not related, and I own no stock in
Lee Marshall’s company…

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts
Stockton, CA 95209 USA
209-477-0550 Workshop/Studio

Last night I was able to try out one of the prototypes of the New
Concept Saw by Bonny Doon, which has been mentioned here before, and
I had a blast. I am a metalworker hobbyist, and the ease of use was
incredible while the time it took to get used to it was very short.
I did break two 4/0 saw blades initially but that was part of the
short learning curve. In a brief time I was able to cut out of 18
gauge brass extremely tiny complex patterns including 90 degree and
greater turns, reverses, small circles, and thin fingers very
easily. These patterns cut out so neatly and cleanly that they could
easily be put back in place in the brass, much like a puzzle part.
Since the foot petal was a Lucas which is the same type I use on my
Flexshaft, it was very easy to adjust the speed while you worked.
This gal with carpal tunnel syndrome was a very happy camper. I
sure do like tools that function efficiently.

Regards to all,
Mary Collier Fisher,
Walpole, Massachusetts