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The New Bonnie Doon saw

I will be in Phoenix / Scottsdale and also in Tucson, AZ during the
first two weeks of April. Can anyone PLEASE tell me if there is
anyplace in those regions where there is one of these marvelous
Bonnie Doon scroll saws to try out?

I spent a lot of time about two years ago asking various
professional metalworkers and jewellers around here about why I
never heard of anyone using an electric scroll-type saw for metal
cutting. Some said “it can’t be done” and some said they didn’t
know why it shouldn’t work, but they’d never heard of it. Some
said they were happy with their old-style hand operated jewelers’
saws, thank you very much - a bit offended that their hard-won
skills might be equalled by a mere machine. (Remember “John
Henry?”) I know the feeling - I felt the same way when
food-processors arrived in the world and my superior skills at
slicing and dicing were available to anyone with a few bucks. (I
can still do a better job, though a bit slower - but good food
takes time, right?)

Anyway the whole set of responses was a puzzle. Even the ones who
didn’t like the idea couldn’t really say why. I ended up buying a
pretty good little scroll saw (Rockwell) with variable speed just to
see what it could do. It wasn’t designed for jewelry-type work and
it didn’t do well. Speed was not variable enough. And stroke was
too short - used only 3/4" of the blade - a real waste. Broke a
lot of blades. etc . But at least I gave it a try. Modifications
to the machine occurred to me but it didn’t seem worth the candle to
tinker with it. So, OK, I have an extra machine I don’t need.

But this Bonnie Doon saw sounds like the genuine article - So if
anyone has one on display, or one you’ve bought and wouldn’t mind
letting me look at, or even try out for a few minutes, or even if
you know where one is - I’d be really grateful if you’d let me know.
I’d hate to order one sent all the way up to Canada on spec. Pig
in a poke, you know. I gather that, even if I am wild for buying
one, it might take a while as they are a new item and, with the
reviews they’ve been getting, they might be back-ordered.

Thanks very much for any responses. You may respond directly to me at

Marty in Victoria -

Where the Snowdrops are finished, but cherry and plum trees,
daffodils, forsythias, crocuses, and other spectacular vegetables
are in full bloom. Yahoo!

PS - While you’re at it - I’d also love to know of any Celtic music
jams where a good mandolin player would be welcomed to sit in.
Thanks again!