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The name

Hi Paula,

I noticed your question about where the name “Orchid” came from.

Well, I can tell you with great certainty that it came from
Hanuman. It was his idea; for that matter, so
was the list itself. So you see, he came up with the idea to do
the list, and then, of course, he needed to give it a name.

Now, why “Orchid”?

Originally, we tried to come up with names that really sounded
jewelry related; and were at the same time, vaguely Thai - after
all, we’re in Bangkok. Admittedly, there really is no direct
connection between the name “Orchid” and metal work. It did
however sound distantly Thai (at least to us); and as it was
indescript enough not to give definition to the list content, we
felt that it would work well insomuch as it (the name) would not
confine what the list would become - we wanted Orchid to take on
a life of its own so to speak.

Basically, I think that the choice of names has worked quite
well. The subject matter going through the list is slowly
growing broader and the name is beginning to truly take on a
secondary meaning.

On the other hand, admittedly, the site does
regularly receive visits by people who were actually looking for

All the best,

Michael Terence Carney Jr.
Site Administrator
Ganoksin Jewelry Co., Ltd.

I chanced on the Orchid site at the same time I was trying to
raise orchids and trying to get about them Needless
to say, I was really confused for awhile. But then I dropped out
of Orchids-cultivation-of and moved in here. It’s really a
terrific site. Sandra

Sandra Buchholz
Elegant Insects