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The most secure clasp for a pendant?

Hello all,

I am searching for suggestions for the most secure clasp for a faux
leather cord. The cord is for a $500 18K pendant. This is the most
expensive piece I have worked on to date and I am deathly afraid of
putting it on a cord that is prone breaking. I wanted to use a gold
cable link chain, but my client insists on the leather cord, so what
do you all suggest to keep it on his neck?

Thank you.

A necktie. Seriously, if he insists on ‘Faux’ leather, then get him
to sign a disclaimer that you are not responsible if the thing comes
apart and he loses his $500 18K pendant.


:slight_smile: @ Dinah

Seiously though, why are the most expensive sales the ones that cause
the most headaches?

I respect his veiw on animal products, but he does not want to pay
extra for a gold chain (?) so here I am.

I usually don’t handle cord and when I do I tend to use rubber
pre-finished cord, I have not appplied my own clasp to a cord in some
time. Also he had the notion that rubber was some how less “stylish"
than faux leather…my biggest concern is that the faux leather not
"unwind” or other wise deteriorate or come loose from it’s clasps…

Rio Grande sells rubber cords in various lengths and thicknesses with
gold findings already attached. I once saw an $1800 white gold
pendant advertised with just such a cord, so I reckon they’re all
right…caveat emptor…


Jessee Smith
Cincinnati, Ohio

Hi Jessee,

I’ve managed to talk him into the rubber cord, using the exact same
argument you’ve expressed. I showd him a $1200 Tiffany pendant on a
rubber cord, that hushed him up :wink:

Thank you.