The Melting Temperature of Vaseline

Does anyone know the melting temperature of vaseline??? Thanks,

Scooby, Vaseline is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons and doesn’t have
a sharp melting POINT like a pure compound does. As you increase the
temperature, progressively more of the components melt and the
mixture just gets more and more fluid. Eventually, the highest melting
component melts but what you have is a melting range that may extend
over many degrees. Depending on your particular application, you may
not necessarily need the last particle of mixture to melt. You may
be satisfied if, say 50%, is melted. Why don’t you place a wad of
Vaseline in a glass vial and place the vial in a bowl of water. Heat
the water slowly while stirring the Vaseline. When the mixture attains
the fluidity you are interested in, read the temperature and there you
have it. If your microwave oven has a temperature probe, you can get a
very accurate reading and save the cost of a thermometer. Have at it
…Bob Williams