The Meaning of Training

Dear Alan, Like you, I am deeply committed to vocational
education for jewellers. In Australia we have a slightly
different system of training, although this is changing rapidly,
and becoming much more similar to the “user pays” system that
seems to operate in America. Am I right in this assumption?

I pose this question because I am doing post-graduate research
into how jewellers are trained in general, determining what forms
of training may be emerging; dominant models, advantages and
disadvantages of different systems, apprenticeships and fine arts
training models, on the job learning, etc.

As both a teacher and a working professional, I appreciate how
busy you must be, but if you have time to drop me even a short
note about how you understand training, I would be most grateful.

I have been writing to individual Orchid participants about this
subject and would like to thank all those who have responded so
far. If any other members have opinions or suggestions about
training jewellers I would be delighted to hear them on

All the best, Rex Steele Merten.