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The Jewelry Bible

What IS the Jewelry Bible? Are you using a shorthand term for a book
with a different title? Or…is there actually a book called “The
Jewelry Bible?”


it’s probably “JEWELRY CONCEPTS & TECHNOLOGY” by O.Utrecht (I think
thats how it’s spelled) JH

Hi Catherine-- Don’t know what the jewelry bible is, but Oppi
Untracht’s tome Jewelry Concepts and Technology (Doubleday) is
like a bible! Terry

There is one I believe to be a excellent book it is called the
jewelry concepts and technology. It is worth reading… excellent
and great start to a jewelry library.

Hi all, short note on the so called jewelry bible (Oppi Untrect), I
bought it many moons ago when I was in college in Ireland. Don’t
trust the measurements or directions, most are slightly off. It gets
its name as the jewelry bible just because its big. We used to call
it the “Oppi book”. After its writer. E Dawson Maine Master Models

Hi Eddie, How ya doin’? I too have the Oppi book. I’m glad you
mentioned the inaccuracies in the tables. I have found errors in some
of the weight conversions and specific gravities. However, the book is
wonderful as a jewelry encyclopedia. What are you working on these
days? Stop by the shop sometime to catch up. Oh, by the way, there is
only one Bible and it is accurate. John, J.A.Henkel Co.,Inc.,
Moldmaking Casting Finishing

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