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The history of Orchid

In looking up Charles’s books on his website, I found the history of
Orchid. Facinating. I encourage everyone to read it.

The Complete Story of Ganoksin and The Orchid Community
By Charles Lewton-Brain

The Ganoksin Project is now 8 years old.

Ganoksin is a place for knowledge and discussion to make
metal-artists lives easier. It is a place to dismantle the
traditions of secrecy and not sharing found globally in
the jewelry world. It is a place of exchange, lively
debate and documentation. Ganoksin is about community and sharing. It
is through this access to each other that we all learn and improve
production and our business. It is about making jewelers lives easier
and safer.

Find out how the Ganoksin Project started, grown and read the
personal journeys of the people behind it…

Complete Story:


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

I just finished reading the history of Orchid. We all owe so much to
Hanuman and Charles. I know that on occasion that Hanuman will send
an e-mail about donations. There was something that I read in the
history that I think bears mentioning. Well there are those of us
that sometimes talk too much and there are many others that just
lurk. I Lurked for a long time myself. Anyway in the history of
Orchid it talks about a donation of 3 hrs of your labor. I think
that should be added into Hanuman’s e-mails about the donation. If
5200 (the last count) all donated Hanuman would be flush with
capital to run the site.

So 2004 is coming to a close. Everyone should make a New Years
resolution to give their 3 hrs to Orchid. Hey the Diamond Council
tells us men we should spend 3 month salary on that ring. So 3 hrs
of salary is a whole lot cheaper and you might get more out of this

RC Gems

    In looking up Charles's books on his website, I found the
history of Orchid.  Facinating.  I encourage everyone to read it. 

It is a wonderful read that gives me another chance to thank
Hanuman, Ton, Charles, Karen, Peter, Dave, everyone else involved
with the project and the generous posters of Orchid for “touching
all of the noodles” of the bowl of spaghetti known as The Internet.
If that last phrase sounds confusing, you haven’t read the article,
have you? :slight_smile:

James in SoFl