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The God of Smiths ..and others

All those in need of propitiating the various Gods in charge, I think
we’re on to something. Just last night was reading of an ancient
aboriginal tribe of northern Japan called Aino. They had a number of
gods in charge of certain things and the practice was called libation

  • a pouring out of wine or other liquid in honor of a deity
    (Webster’s dictionary). For the Aino, they dipped specially carved
    sticks into saki, then shook the stick in the direction of the god to
    be propitiated. Make of that what you will. I believe it could have a
    very relaxing effect on the workbench. Pat Hicks

Dear all,Too much has been made of “pleasing the gods of the
workbench” Me thinks YOU should drink the alcohol yourself in mass
quantities and swear like you are TEACHING sailors. This strategy has
worked for me you countless years. Of course now I am a burned out,
broken ,crotchety ,middle aged metalsmith but what the hell. I have
had to scale back much of that lifestyle and concentrate on the metal.
I try to concentrate on the break even point of looking for what ever
I dropped and make a new one after a certain amount of time. Sam