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The Duchess of Windsor's jewelry is on the block

Sotheby’s is hosting an “event” later this fall to sell twenty
pieces of the Duchess of Windsor’s jewelry collection. I think it’s
fair to say the pieces will be pretty spectacular. What a story - A
king abdicates the throne for his love, and they live happily ever
after…well sort of.

Anyway, I was thinking - a personal jewelry collection is created
for public consumption. In this case it surely helped to define the
man who gave these treasures, and in many ways it defined the love of
his life too. I’m looking forward to seeing the pieces and the result
of the sale. I wonder if it will inspire a renewed fascination in the
couple, and in fine jewelry in general. I hope it serves to remind
the rest of us mere mortals that jewelry is nearly the perfect gift,
as it’s precious, intimate and speaks to the defined image we wish to
portray - ergo - made for public consumption.

Hey world - crank up the credit card and head on out to the local
jewelry store! Tell the world all about the love of your life, and
while you’re at it, something about yourself too.

Rgds…Ski & Cathy
Rocks to Gems