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The Dragon Bow, Start to finish

I have just finished a spare time project, whereby I made a working
miniature crossbow and incorporated into a steam punk dragon model.
Check out

Hans Meevis you are amazing.

Simply amazing, I can so appreciate the pieces and parts. But where
the heck do you find the time and energy to build something so grand?

Just Wow!What a wonderful talent.
Denny Diamond


Hans, that is so cool.


You are nothing short of inspirational Hans! Thanks for posting the
link to your fine work. Mark

Wow, Hans you did it again. And I must say your statement relative to
"all I have to do is take it apart and polish it!" Wow! Putting it
together the first time around would be enough for me. To take 500
pieces apart? You have much more patience than I do. But be proud of
your construction - it’s absolutely fantastic - good luck with
selling and the babes at the beach! Sounds good.


Once again, Hans, you leave me speechless. Awesome is an over-used
descriptor, but it really applies to your work,

Judy in Kansas, where the heat continues during the day. At least
the nights drop into more comfortable 70s.


You have an incredible talent. The imagination to dream up such an
incredible creation than the talent to create it.

The Dragon bow is a masterpiece.

Thanks for sharing.

this is incredible god your a creative person i love it it’s
fascinating hans!!!


First a tip of the hat to Meevis, Hans Meevis, from now on to be
known as “the one and only Hans Meevis” (‘Dragon Bow Meevis’ or ‘Hans
the Dragon’ also recognized) for making and posting the series of
pics of this unique project. It is inspiring, as someone else already
said, and someday maybe when I’m not busy as bees, I’ll think of the
dragon and conspire a rocket ship or robot into being. Who knows ?..
the possibilities, it seems, are endless.

I do like the way it was presented, never having heard of the
project, or the phrase “The Dragon Bow” before, myself. So I was
thinking “wtf is a dragon bow ?” , heading towards the first
picture. The first picture didn’t reveal too much, beyond the
obviousness of the descriptive title, and so the unfolding of the
complexity and creativity of it as I scrolled down the page, turned
into an engaging little adventure. Very nice work, and engineering


WOW! That is just fantabulous, Hans!! Thanks for sharing your
talents with us!



That is one fine piece of work… or I suppose to say it more
correctly, 500 fine pieces of work. True, well executed
craftsmanship never gets old!!!



Once again I am amazed and delighted at your wonderful creation The
Dragon Bow is a masterpeice of your talent!


Thank you everyone for such nice comments on the Dragon Bow. After a
couple of months there is definitely a ‘project burnout’ feeling, so
it’s nice to know that others also like what you made. Much
appreciated. Cheers, Hans

Dear Hans, love your work, mostly your documentation. I have been
trying to access the process through the postings for the last few
weeks. I was so glad to see you posting personally and went right to
your site, it took me a few minutes, but I found it. As I was
watching your pictures, could not help but think that the Dragon Bow
would be a great novel of suspence and intrigue. Such a small work of
art could become a deceptive weapon!. Oh the work, the patience,
the fortitude! Blessings your works are truly art, respectfully pat