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The discontinued FX wheels

michael: why did 3m discontinue the fx wheels?

jean adkins

This was a startup business from 3M and their sales and profit goals
were not met so they wanted to move on to a different project.

Several groups of people really like these wheels including this
industry but 3M did not want to wait for it to catch on across all

Michael McKinnon
McKinnon Global, LLC

I really hate that the FX wheels are gone =(


Foredom has stocked up on all grades of the FX wheels from 3M. They
can be purchased through your favorite Foredom Dealer.

Mike Zagielski
Foredom Sales Manager

Nothing that is good and popular gets dropped without a good reason.

It could be either the Sales, Profits or Liability & I think it is
the Liability.

You may be able to find some of these on Ebay.

Kenneth Singh
46 Jewelry Supply.