The definition of jeweller

The meaning of Artist(e) and Jewel(l)er. We can't even agree on how
to spell them, as some feel the need to add extra letters, perhaps
to bolster their importance.' 

I would like to reply to Allen’s comment on the subject of Language
and spellings of specific words and their meanings the following is
the entry for the word Jeweller in The English Oxford Dictionary:

“jeweller/n.(US jeweler) a maker of or dealer of jewels or jewellery”

As can be seen the American spelling has one L whereas the English
spelling has two. I would point out in all respect that in USA you
speak and write what has come to be termed ‘American british’ as
opposed to ‘English’ . Other examples of this are Jail and Gaol, Color
and Colour, Aluminum and Aluminium.

Why do we do it here in England? Not to bolster our importance or
anything similar ,But because from childhood we are taught that this
is grammaticaly correct English.

I am not trying to be offensive towards any non Uk Jewellers but this
definitely a case of two ‘countries’ speaking different Languages.

On amore positive note I do agree with Allen on the other points, so
much so that on my business cards it says “Wayne Danewood,
Metalsmithing and Jewellery Design”. No where do I say I am ‘a
Jeweller’, because I believe it restricts peoples Ideas of what I can

In respect & friendship

Wayne Danewood
Dain Studio