The danger of using certain products


I understand your view about the danger of using certain products
but not that it is readily available. While traveling around the
world for nearly 50 years, I find we in America seem to have a
special duty of protecting ourselves from everything. In many
countries of the world, there are no guardrails along some of their
most dangerous roads, chain link fences around every little body of
water, warning signs on every fence post and stairway. Its only in
such a litigent society such as ours that we must be told of the
dangers of everything…not so much for our protection but rather to
protect others against legal action. Today I purchased a gallon of
sodium silicate from a chemistry supplier. When I asked the manager
if they had any suggestions regarding its use in certain
applications, he told me they are not permitted to provide such
informtion because…their insurance premiums would triple!! He
only offered to give me the MSDS sheet! Now that is sad.

It is long past time that people learn to take responsibility for
their own actions…especially when their actions are wontanly
dumb!! I remember in HI visiting the ‘blow hole’ outside Honolulu.
Anyone with a smidgen of intelligence would know the dangers of
getting close to such a powerful wonder of nature. Yet, I saw
people climbing over walls and down cliffs to get a better look.
Unfortunately a number never climbed back over the wall! Fortunately,
Mother Nature cannot be sued!! Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle
Studio in SOFL where simple elegance IS fine jewelry!