The Cost of Jade Carving


A potential client asked me about designing a necklace for her with
a specific design (I haven’t yet gotten specific details, but they
will be forthcoming in the future) that she is interested in getting
carved out of jade. When I did my own work, back 15-25 years ago, I
only worked in stones and metals (mostly gold and silver), I didn’t
know how to answer her questions about this.

So I figured, with a whole group of people out there who actually do
this sort of work, I could ask if there is anyone out there who knows
how to do this and might be able to do it (and give me a ballpark
idea of costs once I have a better idea of the size and shape of the
design). So I’m asking :wink:



Stone carving is what I do. Jade is one of my favorite mediums. I
would be happy to discuss costs with once you have some specifics.
Please contact me offlist.

Epaul Fischer
Gryphon Song Creations
Signet rings and custom gem carvings