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The cost of holding out - second post


Good Morning. Sounds like you are one of those who would rather have
the lowest prices than make money.

 Your line of thinking has a strong odor of price fixing......."if
we could only eliminate competition we would all be better off"
Malarkey !

I do not believe that was my post. Competition brings CUSTOMERS

You are concerned that customers will buy HIGH priced repairs
because they are embarrassed but not come back later. That’s crazy
and spoken like someone who hasn’t tried as of yet. Why in the world
would a person be embarrassed and would OVERPAY? There’s no gun to
his/her head. Now that’s malarkey.

And who cares? I could care less. Businesses are based upon repeat
business and referrals. So if my business grows each year then I
either have repeat business or have the ability to “snooker” people
year after year and import new customers as customers try me once.

My posts are not to rape the public but to charge the correct
prices. Hey, if you charge $14 and the correct price is$20, you have
only three choices:

A. Continue to lose money
B. Lower your costs
C. Go for the price that is correct, which means increasing your

And while you increase it customers will pay. Across the country
stores pay the same thing.

And rents are not 16 times more in one area. Rent is not a number,
it’s a percentage. If my rent is $1200 a month and yours is $3800 a
month is completely unimportant. It’s what percent of sales it is and
across the USA most retailers spend 3-4.5% of sales to rent.

Ending, pricing labor is different than pricing product sales. In
product sales you can make up for a bad day. In labor you can’t.

David Geller