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The Contenti Company

Dear friends,

I wanted to wish everybody merry Christmas and happy New year but my
heart hurts for the earth quake victims in Asia.

I am visiting the North America, first Canada then now US, then
again I will visit my daughter in Montreal.

I would like to get some pure silver sheets and wires and some tools
for jewellery making. I found website very
very well designed but I have never used their products. Therefore I
need some suggestions about them. Although I have been a customer of
Rio Grande I cannot get their product list on the internet and they
sell their catalogs which for the time being I don’t have time to

I have some new pages in my website. Not very much but some painted
scarves in silk painting page and gemstone properties and beautiful
inclusion pictures in gemology page.

The Contenti Company

The Contenti Company offers a Jewelry, Modelmaking, and
Metalsmithing tools, equipment and supplies.

Help others make informed buying decisions with The Contenti
Company. We welcome your opinions and experiences with their
products, ordering, customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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God bless the good people everywhere…
Kind regards from snowy Norfolk, Virginia

Oya Borahan

Dear Oya, what a beautiful website you have. Thank you for sharing
all your talent and all the photos of your home and homeland.

I have submitted a review regarding Contenti but wanted to let you
know that I have done business with them many times and have always
been very satisfied. It has seemed to me that they have very
competitive good prices and good products. Always friendly and easy
to deal with.

May blessings fall like rain in the new year,
custom fine jewelry using fair trade/certified green gold and

Oya, if you call Rio and tell them that you do not have a catalog
and that you are not here for long, I’m sure that they will look
things up for you. I know that I would rather see a picture if I
can’t handle something before ordering but Rio stands behind what
they sell and things and I have not found that anything I have
ordered was flimsy or otherwise not what I expected. Granted, I have
sometimes bought tools that I did not find useful after I had them
but I suspect most of us do that from time to time.

I believe Contenti is a reputable firm although I have never ordered
from them. has wonderful patterned
silver sheet. It’s been years since I have ordered from them but
they have an online catalog. No tools. Indian Jewelers has an online tool

Good luck and I hope that you find what you want.

marilyn smith

I found website very very well designed but
I have never used their products. Therefore I need some suggestions
about them. 

I have always had excellent service from Contenti. I’ve found their
prices to generally be very good, often better than Rio or some of
the other “big guys” I won’t name. Shipping has always been fast,
and when customer service was contacted, they did their job just as
asked. If you happen to need casting equipment and silicone rubbers,
and the like, that seems to be one of their specialties. I found
their brown moldex silicone rubber, one of the putty like types,
before I saw it in anyone elses catalogs, back in the mid 80s. So
they’ve always been, at least for me, one of the first names I think
of for a tools supplier. They’ve also got a number of good deals on
some other hard to find products. Definatly one of the good
companies to deal with in my experience.

Hope that helps.
Peter Rowe

Dear friends,

As somebody was writing in this digest Orchid community is like a
big family. Whenever I have a question, I ask and it is answered by
one or more of the family members. I thank you very much.

Mich, if I had their catalog or if they had their products
catalogued in their web site I would be ordering from Rio Grande. In
the past I have ordered from them many times when I was visiting US
or even from Turkey. They were so very helpful and they did such a
good job. But I have very limited time now.

Thank you for your complements for my website. I found out that
foreign people know so little about countries away from them. I wanted
to make them see what beautiful places we have.

Kind regards,
Oya Borahan