The Complete Repair Jeweler [Was: Jim Papuga]

hi jim

welcome to orchid, you will find what you are looking for.

i’ve taken a few classes from ed and so has my assistant,we call
him ‘master ed’, but he doesn’t like that handle very much. ed
can discuss any jewelry topic fluently. he is an extremely
talented and exceptional jeweler. he has my highest regard and in
my opinion, is a master. i’ve never seen the video but i couldn’t
imagine ed doing something without doing a great job. if you have
a chance to take a class from this guy, don’t miss it!

i own two of alans’ video projects. the box and the emerald cut
amethyst ring project. he also communicates well and is very
thorough. he will give you several options of what one may do in
a situation, selects one, and tells you why. most informative and
really professional production.

i’m not on either of these guys’ payroll.

geo fox

I do have a question to throw out.  I noticed in Rio Grande's new
catalog a series of video training tapes entitled "The Complete
Repair Jeweler" by Friedman and Macy.  Does anybody know anything
about these tapes?  Also, any opinion on the Revere series would
be appreciated.

Welcome Jim,

I also rely on books and videos to learn the art of jewelry
making (plus classes at community college and occasional
seminars). I’m not familiar with the Friedman and Macy tapes,
but loved the Revere tapes. I find that they’re incredibly
worthwhile, even in cases where I thought I already knew the
technique. I highly recommend them.