The Cloud Dome

Dear All, I wanted to take time and praise a product I finally got
and I love. The Cloud Dome. I just received mine this morning and I
already love it. I have a small space for my photography in a studio
FULL of tools. This means that space has to be used very carefully
but, photography is a very important tool for me. I got the Cloud
Dome boxes and put the pieces together and shot a couple shots with
both my digital and 35mm cameras. I am now able to get rid of my
tripod because of the camera mounts on the Dome. I have a color
correct light board used for slides by most people but I propped it
up against the dome and shot away. It was all the light I need. So my
set up of the lighting and the background and camera mounting just
became about 50% more efficient which will give me more bench time
and less camera set up time. Now this does not even include the
improvement of reflection reduction which is such a problem in
jewelry photography and effects set up time. Cloud Dome has
eliminated the entire problem making lighting set up time VERY easy.
If you have nay questions you can call me off list @Patania_s,
I would be glad to tell you of my experiences with my new toy.
Sam Patania, Tucson.