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The brooch is back --- NYT article

Distinguished Craftspersons,
Today I saw this article reporting that in fashion circles, “the brooch is back,” even for men! Thought you might like to read this and possibly some of you have thoughts about this. Who makes brooches, what kind, and are they selling?

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I haven’t sold any yet, but I did just get a bunch of pin backs. I was thinking more along the lines of the lapel pins and enamel badges people like to cover denim jackets with. Good to know I’m going in the right general direction!

I am making brooches, sold quite a few. I try to attach some pics.



No wonder they are selling…beautiful conception and craftsmanship! -royjohn

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Brooches and Kilt pins are a fair part of my business. I hang around with bagpipers and they like to be flashy.

Don Meixner


Alas, brooches are not back (and have not been back) in my area. In hope the trend picks up!
Judy Bjorkman

Well, that’s the thing about the NYT…I love the paper, but it can get a little precious and writing about diamond brooches on men’s suits on the red carpet somewhere or in some hoity-toity fashion magazine does not mean brooches are coming back in Peoria or even necessarily in boutiques in California…but it is an interesting article and maybe it means that brooches will come back soon.


I’ve been thinking about this and I realized there’s one area where I know brooches have been going strong the whole time- the fiber arts community. Shawl pins, sweater clips, penannulars, fibulae… people who put literal years of their life into knitting sweaters from yarn often also spun and dyed by hand are often big fans of these closures and embellishments and willing to lay out a good bit for something special. I suppose that’s the trick with any product- your market is out there somewhere, it’s just a matter of finding and connecting with them.


Well put, Royjohn!
–Judy Bjorkman

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I don’t make brooches but was asked to take two necklaces and convert them to brooches by curators at a jewelry show that is geared towards fashion. The show is in June but my work has to get over there soon. I had no clue how to do it. It’s how I finally signed up as a member! Thanks too all those who posted on brooch findings!

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Exactly right. Niche markets may be below the radar for many but if big pins are your product go to The Scottish Games, have a meat pie and a glass of Beamish’s and look around. You’ll see a brooch everywhere you look from ladies sashes to men’s skirts.

Don Meixner

Oh man do you ever have my number… :drooling_face: