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The body as an inscribed surface [Was: Don Ellis ]

I am interested in any research which explores the body as an
inscribed surface–the meanings,implied by clothing, jewellery,
tattoos,implants etc especially from a feminist/post-modernist
perspective. I’m a jeweller and jewellery lecturer whose interests have
recently shifted (through formal study)to more theoretical concerns.

Don -

Welcome. I am also a jeweler who has recently gotten very interested in
studying a wider range of body adornment. I even try to teach a course in
the subject to our metals majors where I teach (University of Washington,
Seattle). Jewelry history, but also including (more and more as I learn
more) fashion/clothing, tattoo and various other forms of body
modification. Especially interested in the reasons people have for
wearing/doing this. I am just reading on my own to learn this -
fascinating, but it sure does take me away from the bench.