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The best pliers?

planning on replacing my pliers after many years thoughts on the best

My old ones are not replaceable :frowning:

I’m a convert to Swanstrom from Rio. I love the joint, the handle
and the way they work. Very comfortable, too! No affiliation, just a
happy customer.

Denny Diamond



lindstrom. Used on ebay very cheap and they never wear out. Have
fun. tom

Give Tronex a try by Stuller USA made.

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Stuller Inc.

Lindstrom. mine are 30+ years old and still cutting wonderfully.
Great investment.

“Lindstrom” are in my mind like a Rolls-Royce. the very best money
can buy. nothing better! You aren’t buying a pair of pliers for
today, *you’re buying an investment for the next 30 years of
continued use!!! *I have 12 pairs of pliers & the better ones are.
Lindstrom!..nuf said!

Thanks Andy for the suggestion. I do like to buy American made when
I can.

Just as I hope my jewelry clients do as well.

Jo Haemer

I met the person behind Wubbers when she was a student in my class
at Bead & Button last June. She shared her new line of piers with me.
They are really nice.

Like Swanstrom, Lindstrom, and Wubbers depending on what I am doing.
Tronex excellent, too.

OK, I had to check out the Tronex pliers. Since I’m a tool slut, I
have many sets of pliers. The ones I love are mini sized. Windstorm
came close, but Swanstrom fit me best. To give you an idea of how
small my hands are, at 5’8" I wear a size 4 1/2 wedding ring, and I’
fat with fat fingers. When you find a pair of pliers that feels good
in your hands, you find that it can do more than what it was designed
for, just because you love the feel of it.

I’m seriously going to have to give these tronex a try.

Aggie, the tool hoarder