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The best micro-flush cutters?

I have an opportunity to have Rehab purchase a pair of cutters for
me (must be from Rio). I currently have the tiny Lindstrom 3141,
which is great. However, I’m wondering if there is something even
better, something that will get into even tinier spaces, something
that will leave absolutely no “snagger,” something more ergonomic,
etc. I’m particularly concerned with 22-24 g. wire, since I usually
use a cup burr to finish anything heavier.

Again, thanks for your collective wisdom!

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments
Benicia, CA

Dear Lisa,

As flush cutters go you probably have the best. Unfortunately the
only way to get a true flush cut on wire with pliers is with pliers
that have a shearing or scissor type action (check out pg 198 letter
H in our tools catalog). These will give you a double flush cut.
However you’re still applying pressure on a soft metal and will
experience some deformation on the wire at the point of contact. The
draw back on these shearing type pliers are the jaws are typically
long and off-set (like scissors) so you can’t get into tight places
or right up against something.

As for ergonomics, the Swanstrom pliers are designed with longer
foam coated handles to apply pressure across your palm as opposed to
a small area in the center of your hand like almost all other
pliers. Swanstrom, in my opinion, is equal in performance and
quality to Linstrom. Both are far superior products.

Best regards,

Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande technical Support

Dear Lisa, I love my new Swanstrom pliers with ergonomic handles!
They have a set screw on the side that controls how tightly they
close and they leave only a very small nub of metal.


speaking of Linstrom, do they sell replacement grips?? I have owrn
mine out completly and they hardly stay on!


speaking of Linstrom, do they sell replacement grips?? I have owrn
mine out completly and they hardly stay on! 

Dear Ringdoc and all,

My apologies for not responding sooner but I wanted to make sure I
provide accurate info. Rio Grande offers reconditioning services for
both, Linstrom and Swanstrom pliers.

Reconditioning service for Linstrom only (111-728, $18.00):
sharpen edges
polish heads
adjust & lubricate joint
new springs
new grips

Reconditioning service for Swanstrom only (111-726, $16.95):
Cleaning and lubricating, includes inside joint
Joint adjustment
New springs
Static dissipative foam handles

I hope this helps.
Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Support 800-545-6566 x13903