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"The Art of Gold" exhibit

Hey Gang!

I’m really overwhelmed by the welcome back messages! Thanks to all
who have written.

I have not yet been to “The Art of Gold” exhibit at the Mint Museum
of Craft+ Design. I will, though, now that I have some time on my
hands! Donna Wilson wrote me that she had been to the exhibit on a
whirlwind trip to the area, and it was excellent. Maybe she
could write a little review?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with “The Mint”, as we call it
here, it is an art museum in Charlotte, housed in what was an actual
mint when the first U.S. gold rush occurred in this region in the
late 18th century (1700s). It is located a couple miles east of uptown

About five (?) years ago the Mint Museum of Craft+Design opened in a
restored historic building right in uptown Charlotte. It is one of
the few museums in the country dedicated to fine craft. I did an
"Extreme Craft" demo there a few years ago on Forging and Forming
Non-Ferrous Metals.

Right across the courtyard from MMCD is Gallery WDO (Well Designed
Object) which, as you can imagine, is one of my favorite galleries.

For on “The Art of Gold” exhibit, visit this link:

The exhibit runs through August 8, then presumably moves on to
another city. If you’re planning to come to Charlotte, drop me a line
and maybe we can have lunch, or something!

All the best,

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC

Dave, I was passing through Charlotte back in April and just by shear
luck stopped to have some lunch in the courtyard next to the museum
store. We walked around the corner and there was the Mint Museum. You
must see “The Art of Gold”. It is a great show. There are a few
Orchidians represented.

Joel Schwalb