The Art and Craft of Making Jewelry

Hi Everyone:

A quick note to say how much I appreciate my new book. I had been
going back and forth on what to do next (after my first metalsmithing
course) and I have found great guidance and inspiration in this book.

The techniques covered are varied (from knotting pearls to cold
connections to marriage of metals) and interesting. There are even
have things that pertain to beaders… There are illustrations for
the techniques covered that provide much inspiration.

I anticipate that the suggested projects will be very useful. They
are actually stylish (in my opinion, this is rare).

As far as the work, the author herself is quite accomplished and has
many impressive photos of work in the book. Other artists I am
currently fascinated by are also included (Munya Avigail Upin,
Natasha Wozniak)

I couldn’t speak for 1000 Rings, as I don’t have it yet, but I am so
happy with my new book that I really wanted to tell other people
about it.

And so it is, inspired and ready to go once again

Kim Starbard


Since i can’t figure out how to email you directly, i must say a
public Thank You!!!

I am really excited by your comments, as i worked very hard on that
book (along with my editor, art director, and photographer) and am
so thrilled to hear that it is helpful and that you like it!

i am super happy about this book, and proud of the way it turned

i hope it continues to be of value to you.

Joanna Gollberg

ps. i am also so thankful for all the wonderful artists who
submitted photos of their fabulous work!


I, too, got very interested and excited about your book. But wen I
went to buy it (on Amazon), they told me it wasn’t published yet, and
won’t be for several months yet.

  1. Is there any way to get it sooner?

  2. What was the other book of yours with cold connections, etc? If
    so, what is the title?

Thanks a lot.
Ayalla D.

I, too, got very interested and excited about your book. But wen I
went to buy it (on Amazon), they told me it wasn't published yet,
and won't be for several months yet. 

It is not in stock at Amazon yet. But is in stock at Overstock at
slightly better price.