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The Adjustable Ring System

Hoover and Strong carries this, which allows a ring to open for
large knuckles like a Fingerfit or Adjusto Shank. The advantage is
that this can be used on eternity bands, because it is installed
inside the original shank. Has anyone tried one?

On this the hinge and catch protrude slightly on the inside of the
shank, and I wondered how comfortable it is, how easy it is to
install, and how secure the catch is.



it is extremely easy to install the “Adjusto shank” as they call it
(instructions are in their catalogue if you want to read over them
before ordering some simple cutting and soldering). I do lots of
customising work for arthritic people that love them- the one
limitation is they are made for 14kt. only. I have hard soldered
them to 18 kt but cut a chamfered tab so there was more surface area
for the join between the harder metal and the 18kt so it was not just
a straight line. The Superfit line is designed to be a
straight,invisible join so you are limited to only 14kt. and white
is harder than yellow. so keep that in mind when thinking about a
customer that presents heirloom pieces that may be 18 0r 22kt. The
Adjusto shank looks odd but wears well and allows the wearer to use
the ring on any finger.The Superfit is for band type shanks, or at
least shanks without undercuts (well you can install them on undercut
shanks but you have to make quite precise markings with your dividers
so they fit inside the raised part of the shank. much like creating a
shallow tab so that it fits invisibly into the shank). Forget about
installing them on full round azured bands. Other than that they are
great for people with rheumatoid arthritis.


Lauren, I’m not real sure which shanks you are talking about, but I
went to their website

The SHA line on that page is not new, and it’s the cheapest
adjustable shank that I know of. It mostly works for some amount of
time, and it’s not as uncomfortable as you might think. Not a bad
budget alternative.

I’ve used most or all of the shanks over the years - I’m an
authorized Finger Mate installer and have the machine, even. IMO,
the shanks on the page numbered SHSF are the best adjustable shanks
ever devised. I get them at Otto Frei, BTW. It may appear that there
are protruding hinges or edges, but there is not - properly
installed, they are as smooth as a standard shank. A little tricky
to adjust, but then most of them are…