Thanks To those Who Have Given Us

fellow travelers,

to me orchid is analogous to the merry pranksters bus aptly
christened Forward… the mantra of this group was “U were either
on the bus or off the bus”

there are a few luminaries on our orchid vehicle who are the
embodiment of that unforgettable character neal cassidy. before
kesey and co, neal hung out w/ jack kerouac and the other
beats…to the point. i want to thank and celebrate those who have
given us the essence of metal applications.

let’s start with the poster of this thread. john donivan, i have
known john and his many faceted partner/companion, jo-ann for a good

of years. i first read johns writings when his ideas were printed

in our Metal Arts Guild newsletter.johns shared his knowledge with
accurate details, and most of all, a sense of humor…he is a person
who exemplifies all the best traits of a wonderful teacher…come to
think of it, he is just that…a teacher who, because of orchid, is a
teacher to the world. thanks john for all of you sage words, and
sound advise.

john is in the same league w/ a number of other big bats…i would
like to reflect on jim binnion, charles lewton-brain, peter rowe and
andy cooperman at another time.

rp leaf