Thanks to the injured

Hellooo Orchid, Wow what a thread! I have read all of the injury
e-mails and a few off-line as well and I am once again amazed at the
things we put ourselves through to work in the trade, and I’m sorry
noel but I think all of the horror stories ( I havent laughed so
hard in quite awhile ) have raised very valid safty isssues along
with what I thought were some really wonderful shop tips and
remidies. What I found the most amusing were the things I had also
done to myself . ( somtimes more then once ) We wear our scars well
and I am once again very proud of my fellow craftsmen and women. When
I think of all the dangers and the other often addressed
difficulties ie. overseas compitition , difficult customers, and all
of that kind of stuff. I have to wonder for the fairly modest life
the trade affords most of us why do we continue on?

As for this guy the thing that still keeps me interested is that
every now and then (not often ) I get to work with and somtimes even
take part in the creation of somthing “beautiful” and that carries
me through alot and nourishes my soul. To all the younger folks
Listen well and be carful. and Enjoy Peace Karl