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Thanks to Peter Rowe


I would like to say thank you very very much for a couple of
things. First,I finally got all of the componet parts together
for Prips flux,including the right container and mouth
atomizer.Wow,does it ever work, like a champ.Say good-bye to the
old gray ghost.Second,I found in the archives a reply message of
yours to someone regarding a different approach to finishes on
sterling. Rather than the mirror finish that disappears soon
after touching the silver piece,you suggested trying submerging
the piece in warm/hot liver of sulphur,then using a fine platers
brush to remove the dark finish,leaving a new subdued finish.
Your statement was "try it,I think you’ll like it. I did and I
do.I have been trying for this finish for several years. I had
tried everything from #0000 steel wool to x’tra fine jewelers
scotchbrite pads,and nothing has given me the finish I wanted
until I tried your idea.So thanks again for being a saint and
sharing your great span of knowledge and
experience with us all. John Barton,Images By JJ